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How to create animated text videos with audio for social media

You might have noticed there’s a lot of brands and influencers posting video on social media with animated text captions, and wondering how to make them. Well, wonder no more. We’re about to share a couple methods for creating these videos.

There are two main ways to create these types of videos. Using professional video editing software like Adobe After Effects to compose the media, or using an online audiogram generator like Audiogram.

Video editing software can be effective solution if you’re already familiar with it, and want fine-grain control over the output. But if you’re like most people, the easiest way to make these videos is with an online tool that converts audio into video. We’ll show you how to make an audiogram video now.

An audiogram video contains three main visual elements; a sound waveform, animated text captions, and background imagery. An audiogram generator app helps you create and combine these three elements into a video that you can upload to any social network.

Components of an audiogram

Here’s how Audiogram works: Choose from one of our many video templates, upload your audio (typically an mp3 or wav file) and customize your layout. Then, simply export your video and share it on any social media network.

A preview of Audiogram templates

Behind the scenes, your audio is converted into text using artificial intelligence. Within 15 seconds, you’ll be presented a transcript of the audio. You’ll be able to adjust this transcript if needed, maybe you’d like to change the punctuation, or fix the spelling in a name. Once you’ve approved the transcript we instantly convert it into beautifully animated captions.

The captions in your video are automatically synced to the audio, so that people who don’t have their sound on can still follow along and remain engaged. More than 80% of social users browse with their sound turned off, so captions are critical in ensuring that your video gets the engagement (views, shares, and likes) that it deserves.

You’ll be able to preview and customize your audiogram video directly in your browser, and when you’re ready, export and download it as an mp4 video file. MP4 videos can be shared directly to any social network, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and more.

Sound easy enough? Try it out now for free and post your first Audiogram Video today.

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